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Flutist Brooks de Wetter-Smith, is in great demand as a recitalist, concerto soloist, and masterclass teacher, having given concerts in 20 nations (Eastern- and Western-Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America) and nearly all 50 states. His recordings have been released on the Albany, Aurophon, Centaur, Christophorus, Crystal, and Paulinas labels, spanning baroque, romantic, twentieth-century, and jazz-inspired repertoire. He has been featured in frequent radio and television broadcasts, including Radio Bremen, California Public Radio, Bavarian Radio, Salzburg Radio, Radio/Television Hong Kong, PBS, and National Public Radio; and he appears regularly as a soloist at the national conventions of the National Flute Association.  

In addition to his distinguished career as a performing and recording artist, he is actively engaged in exploring traditional Arabic improvisation techniques, an outgrowth of his long-standing interest in jazz. This search has  led him to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. Mr. de Wetter-Smith has combined his work in the Middle East with the study of Brazilian jazz/folk elements, suggesting a close connection between both Arabic music and western jazz traditions via West Africa. He was awarded a Fulbright Senior Professorship to teach at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich and Cologne, as well as the Music Conservatory of Lisbon, Portugal. He is also former President of the National Flute Association.

Brooks de Wetter-Smith has uncovered numerous 19th century works for flute, several of which he has recorded. His editions are published by International Music Company and Southern Music Company. Beyond his 19th century efforts, he is also in considerable demand as an authority on avant-garde flute techniques.  He received a master's degree from the New England Conservatory, a doctorate from the Eastman School of Music and is the James Gordon Hanes Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.





"It is the best playing I have heard for a very long time. What can I say? He is a brilliant performer." --James Galway

"I have always appreciated the finesse of his style, and hold his artistic qualities and technique in highest esteem. He is a marvelous musician and soloist."

-- Jean-Pierre Rampal

“From the beautifully serene opening of the first movement to the virtuosic fireworks in the finale of this brilliant new concerto [Liebermann], de Wetter-Smith enthralled his audience with his sensuous tone, exquisite phrasing and effortless technique. It was an altogether stunning performance.”  -- Walfrid Kujala (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

“He is master of an imposing technique - a distinguished exponent of his art."

 -- Die Welt

"Brooks de Wetter-Smith reigns over his instrument with technical perfection. He emphasizes the use of diverse tonal colors and delights in musical imagery. His playing is rich in variety and full of excitement."

 -- Weser Kurier

“He imbues the music with a wholly natural sense of flow. In his purity of tone, variety of attack, and interpretive nuances, de Wetter-Smith recalls Peter-Lukas Graf; in his felicity of articulation, James Galway comes to mind; in his fluency of phrasing, Jean-Pierre Rampal.         -- Fanfare

“Real Mastery!” - New York Times

First-rate musicianship and a powerful performance of captivating music.”--  Jerusalem Post

“De Wetter-Smith is an amazingly talented flutist, who exhibits a wide range of expression and virtuosity in his playing. He is a master of his instrument, and he delighted the audience with his nuanced and well-balanced performance.”

-- Deseret News

“Surely no one – not even the conductor – could have anticipated what an outstanding musician de Wetter-Smith would be.  The Orchestra itself, along with the conductor, performed as if inspired by his presence.” 

-- Fort Myers News-Press

“Lyrical yet powerful, these are truly compelling performances filled with nuance and emotive force. If there is a heaven for musicians who have “passed on,” Debussy is sitting there listening to this disc.”   

-- Classical disCDigest

“This recording should be in the personal music library of every serious flutist as well as on the reference shelves in every music school.”

 – Robert Austin, Flute Talk








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